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Found image

Found image

Dreamland Welcomes You, Unique 10x12" Tintype

Haunted Snail, circa 1950. Image from the SEAS Archive

Dreamlands is an ongoing photographic research project looking at the notion of repair and reparation in coastal locations. The research examines our interaction with costal communities and how seaside resorts are undergoing a cyclical rebuilding or repair often after a period of neglect or trauma. The work created seeks to engage with the theme by employing processes where they become evident in the final outcome. The Dreamland series is based in Margate, UK and Coney Island, US.

Dream Lands by Dewi Lewis Publishing out now.

Flamingo, Margate

Soft Play, Dreamland

Scenic Railway, Dreamland. Unique tintype + edition of 5 silver gelatin print available from TPG

Dreamland Cinema

Darkroom in a van, Dreamland

Original Tintype, Dreamland Margate, Sept 1st, 1924

Dreamlands in the FT


TPG Exhibition, 2015

Continental Cafe, available as a 10x8" contact sheet

90 seconds on The Scenic Railway, 5x4" pinhole photograph.

Junior Senior

Welcome to Dreamland, 10x8" Tintype

Cash Payout

Scenic Railway (north), 10x8" Tintype

Dreamlands in  The Guardian

Dreamlands in The Guardian